Why I’m an asshole towards music

Call me disillusioned, but I’m disillusioned with the amount of hyper-specific lyrics in songs nowadays. Like, just because you have a longing heart-aching voice as you sing “That night, under the stars, we fed strawberries and stories under passing cars.”

I wrote that myself btw record labels hmu

On every front, this is just an autobiography. Why are descriptive lyrics the trend now? What happened to the abstract stuff, like “fly me to the moon, so we can play among the stars”. That’s definitely not a thing that happened, but the mood is set so well with that ludicrousy. But then I’m a hypocrite because if something like that is sung in a way that’s done well… ugh I can’t describe it.

What is the perfect example of this? Forced edginess to seem deep and inclusive. Talk real slow and say we’re depressed. Brush my teeth in the dark? What an odd and quirky line that is soo atypical to say hahaha~

Does this make my song meaningful yet?

It’s gimmicks that don’t feel genuine, self-masturbatory diaries instead of songs. It doesn’t feel earned, the way songs I like do would be:

“When you hurt under the surface
Like troubled water running cold
Well, time can heal, but this won’t”

There are so many ways to interpret that. This tells a story of longing for what was and regret. But of what? A failed relationship?

Or what could have been were you more empathetic, before they left this world on their terms?

In his writing, it was

“When I was writing it, I saw that as being from the people who were left behind after my aunt passed away. It’s that thing of, sometimes I think we can misinterpret what it is. If someone isn’t reaching out and if someone isn’t texting you as much or just communicating with you as much. You might misinterpret that for, “Oh they’re just leaving me to the wayside”, they don’t want to reach out, they don’t want to have a relationship or whatever.”

Leaving it just opaque enough for people to imprint themselves and relate, while not seeming like whining on the songwriting page. It’s brilliant.

Isn’t that the point of art though? So does that mean people aren’t entitled to express themselves however they want through music?



Why did the first music video frustrate me so?

Because you don’t have the right to be sad.
You should look at things from the perspective of what could you have done. Whining for sympathy and clasped hands is just coping with your inadequacy.

It’s lamenting, ruinating, wallowing, and downright obnoxious. If you are really so trapped in a suffocating loop of depression, why aren’t you just DOING something about it? Just don’t have depression. Who's to say you even have depression?


You can substitute the “You’s” for “I” or its equivalents. “Ir” and “If I are really…” don’t roll off the tongue well.

Everything I do needs to be perfect. If not what's the point? Why bother if you constantly eclipse yourself. And stewing in my own pity soup, frustrated at the state of things, I lash out at people lamenting, seeing it as something they should be above, that I should be above.

So that's how I can sound so cynical, lacking empathy. I project perfectionism.

Because I hate that I’m chained to it. To a state of mind that I should be free of, but I’m not. So I see others do the same, I understand, and I empathise.

But I also find it obnoxious and frustrating, leaning on others to hear your cries and give support, giving up instead of handling it like you should be able to on your own if you weren’t seeking pity.

Cuddles and words of encouragement get you so far. We should strive for better, and it feels like we can, which is infuriating when we don’t.

Everyone shares everything, but is that a good thing? I need to be able to handle things on my own, and I'm angry that I can't.

I’m angry that I’m a hypocrite.



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